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Wreck Diving

The allure of underwater shipwrecks is part of what drew Jacques Cousteau into the sea all those decades ago. Find out what all the fuss is about in the SSI Wreck Diver course. Even if you don't find the wrecks themselves particularly interesting, when you see the abundant life and growth these artificial reefs attract you'll likely become hooked! There are many different types of wrecks: from pieces of wreckage strewn about the bottom, small sailboats and tugs, to huge ships 300 feet long. Knowing what to do to find the wreck you're looking for and how to dive around a large object is essential before venturing onto some of these wrecks. It's a fascinating way to see history frozen in time, as well as some of those creatures you won't find over the shallow reef. You will earn the SSI Wreck Diving certification after completing this program.

To complete your Wreck Diving Specialty, purchase the course through our online shop or call Sonoma Coast Divers. Then complete the Wreck Diving digital coursework and finally call the shop to schedule your certification dives.

*SCUBA equipment is not included


Minimum Age: 10
Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
Academic Sessions: Online training
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:    1 Optional
Open Water Dives: 2