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Underwater Photo & Video

Underwater Photography

This is a fun and exciting way for you to being the underwater world to life for your land-based friends and family! Learning how to take great underwater photos is so easy, you'll wish you did it years ago! You'll learn all about today's digital world of cameras, underwater housings, what you should look for in a system, functions and settings, external lights and more. This course can be taken in the pool or open water depending on the time of year and what your preferences are. Not only will we talk about diving techniques and water skills, but also editing your images and knowing what you can do to make your photos better. We sell many full lines of camera equipment, there are so many options when it comes to choosing the right set for you. Let us help point you in the right direction for your skill level now and for future interests!

Underwater Videography

Having perfect buoyancy and a steady hand is a must! But learning the ins and outs of taking great video starts with a desire to document what you see. It's a fun way to show your friends and family just what diving is all about- and maybe even gain some new dive buddies in the process! There are many options when it comes to video equipment, we'll help you choose the right system for you!

You will earn the SSI Photo & Video Specialty certification.

To complete your Underwater Photo & Video Specialty, purchase the course through our online shop or call Sonoma Coast Divers. Then complete the Underwater Photo & Video digital coursework and finally call the shop to schedule your certification dives.

*Use of underwater camera is included 
  SCUBA equipment is not included


Minimum Age: 10
Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
Academic Sessions: Online learning
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:    1+
Open Water Dives: Optional