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Deep Diving

Without the proper training, deep diving can be a hazardous activity. We'll give you the skills, knowledge and experience you need to properly plan and execute a deep dive. Knowing the hazards and the risks of going deeper will make you a more confident diver who is prepared for the next dive! Deep diving opens up a whole new world of wrecks, canyons, and advanced dives that may otherwise be out of your comfort zone. The skills you learn in this class will apply to almost every dive you doThe SSI Deep Diving Specialty will give you the ability to safely and comfortably plan and conduct dives beyond 60 feet, and is a prerequisite for some advanced training.  You will earn the SSI Deep Diving Specialty certification after completing this program. 

To complete your Deep Diving Specialty, purchase the course through our online shop or call Sonoma Coast Divers. Then complete the Deep Diving digital coursework and finally call the shop to schedule your certification dives.

*SCUBA equipment is not included


Minimum Age: 15
Certification Prerequisites: Open Water Diver
Academic Sessions: 1
Pool/Confined Water Sessions:    Optional
Open Water Dives: 3