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Aqualung - Micromask


Cardanic joint buckles Yes
Wide Strap Yes


  • Patented Micromask Technology
    • The use of a single-piece lens, skirt, and frame allows the lenses to be placed close to the face for vastly improved field of view.
  • Low-Volume, Dual-Lens Design
    • This mask is quick and easy to clear, and you'll hardly feel any upward pull.
    • Its compact shape reduces drag and improves stability, especially beneficial when diving in strong currents.
  • Cardanic Joint Buckles
    • The joints between the mask and strap rotate in both vertical and horizontal directions for a customized, pinch-free fit.
  • Push-Button Strap Security
    • Counterposed push-button activation makes strap adjustments fast and holds the strap securely in place once set.
    • Easy to use, even while wearing gloves.
  • Superior Headpiece Fit
    • The wide headpiece on the Teknika's silicone strap conforms to your head to ensure a comfortable, secure fit.
  • Natural Skirt Fit
    • High-grade silicone facial skirt flexes to mold naturally along the contours of your face for a comfortable, leak-free seal.
  • Tempered Glass Lenses
    • For your safety and the mask's longevity, the lenses are made of tempered glass to guard against cracks and shattering, even under pressure and stress. Meets ANSI standards.