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Mares Viper


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  •   Reduced distance from lens to eye
  •   Minimal internal volume
  •   Increased field of vision
  •   Anatomical skirt without internal lip
  •   Very lightweight
  •   Matte finish for anti-reflective properties
  •   Hydrodynamic profile reducing resistance in water
  •   Ergonomic mask strap buckles for effortless operation
  •   The new silicone used in skirt reduces fogging

Rinse thoroughly in fresh water after each use, allow to air dry in a shaded place. Never use toothpaste, surfactants, solvents, soaps (even if neutral), detergents, alcohol or hydrocarbons to clean the mask, as they could cause deterioration of the parts. Keep away from oils, greases, suntan creams and lotions. Do not expose directly to sunlight or heat sources for extended periods of time. When storing, keep in a cool, dry place avoiding product’s distortions. Use with compatible Mares spare parts only.