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Surf-fur- Waterparka Jacket

Nail this season's waterman goals with this multi-functional parka! Having a water and wind tight barrier between you and Mother Nature is the secret to a perfect day. The lightweight and non-bulky fabric pairs perfectly with our 'essentials only' design to offer up the most durable protection in any type of weather. It's extra long to create privacy while changing out of wet stuff in the parking lot, windproof to shield you from wind gusts while on a boat, wrap around your core to pre-warm before jumping in, or just throwing it over all your wet gear to protect your carseat.


When you are chasing waves, fish or goals, don't use up precious time and intensity changing out of your wet stuff OR shivering from the cold. Just wrap your raw and drained body in our signature wind and waterproof fleece and instantly rewarm in peace. Restore your core temperature and get back out there fully stoked! 



  • Windproof-waterproof-breathable
  • Hidden slit pockets to easily access interior for quick changes
  • Extra long length to protect past your knees
  • Built in neck warmer
  • Front stainless steel snaps
  • Machine washable
  • Inner velcro pocket
  • Longer back hem to "bend over with confidence" while changing
  • Reversible
  • Quick Dry


Never end the day early due to being cold ever again! Guaranteed to keep you warm and comfortable even when wet!