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SeaCure - Mouthpiece

Conventional scuba mouthpieces currently on the market all employ bite lugs which involve only the front teeth and must therefore use the front of the jaw to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving. In addition, all conventional mouthpieces use an extremely flexible material in order to adjust to all the various configurations of teeth and jaws required by the “one-size-fits-all” concept which, until now, was the entire mouthpiece market.

SeaCure Mouthpiece, being moldable, cannot only perfectly fit every individual mouth but can actually enter the mouth all the way to the rear of the jaw employing all of the diver’s teeth. The result is that the large rear teeth and tremendous mechanical advantage of the back of the jaw can now be employed to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit during diving, greatly reducing the required muscle effort. In addition, because the SeaCure mouthpiece has to fit only one mouth, it can be constructed in a much more sturdy design allowing transfer of the regulator/hose load to the rear of the jaw. Because it is not as flexible as conventional mouthpieces, SeaCure greatly reduces gum abrasion.

The significant reduction in muscle effort required to retain the mouthpiece/regulator unit while diving has been confirmed with electromyographic tests. Test data are available which indicate a reduction of muscle effort in the range of 33% to 59% depending upon the individual diver.

Because of its more rigid design, the SeaCure mouthpiece requires slightly more effort to place it on the regulator. Once the regulator ridge is seated into the groove designed inside the SeaCure orifice, accidental separation from the regulator is extremely unlikely.

Complete molding instructions, which have proven totally satisfactory for individuals to mold the unit themselves, are included with each unit. The general concept is that a scissors is used to trim unnecessary material from the unit to fit the size of the specific mouth/jaw. Then boiling water is used to soften the mouthpiece bite wings only, to allow molding to precisely fit the individual’s teeth, gums, and jaw. The unit is REMOLDABLE so that if not at first satisfied, or dental work changes the bite, it can be remolded and adjusted to accommodate the changes for comfort.