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Patrick Pacheco

SSI Advanced Open Water Instructor / Scuba Ranger Instructor

I took diving in the seventies in order to dive with my younger brother.

It all started by taking a NAUI course from my judo instructor who use to be a military diver and avid abalone diver.

My first ocean experience was at Timber Cove in twelve plus foot waves hunting for abalone around rocks with zero visibility.

After that vexing experience, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, but I finished my Rambo scuba certification in Monterey, and now have over 850 dives logged.

I absolutely love teaching students, and enjoy imparting some of my experience to help them become comfortable safe divers. It is such a great reward to help hesitant or scared individuals transform to loving diving.

I have met some of the nicest and most awesome people on my dive travels throughout the world, and today it so easy to stay in contact with new friends you meet.

I really love traveling to new dive destinations all over the world, and diving in ocean environments where there is a great diversity of life found.