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Patrick "Kévin" Hoy

SSI Gold Level Instructor

After becoming Open Water certified (NASDS) in 1975, I entered a world that has become my passion. Becoming an instructor in 2005 I've been able to get to know new students, share my experiences, and teach new skills with the goal of having them become safe, competent, independent divers totally excited about entering this new world. I am currently a Gold level instructor and as of 2012 with 5050 dives a Platinum Pro Diver. I also teach a number of specialties and especially enjoy teaching Stress and Rescue. I am also an instructor with the Scuba Diving International organization as well as SSI.

My preferred activities include exploration, spearfishing and game hunting, wreck diving, and free diving. I spent a short time as a professional sea urchin diver in Southern California in the late 70's.

Beyond California, favorite destinations with considerable dive time include Hawaii, Florida, and the Baja and Yucatan areas of Mexico. I have also enjoyed the experience of wreck diving in North Carolina, diving Australia, the BVI, and lobster diving in New England.

I feel fortunate to be able to share my passion and work with Sonoma Coast Divers.