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Our Dive Team

About Us

Tom opened the doors to the then Sonoma Coast Bamboo Reef in May of 1998 after decades of serving the Northern California diving community as an instructor, commercial diver, retail salesman, and wearing just about every other hat you can hold in the diving world.

After many happy years of partnering with the Bamboo Reef, Tom separated from the chain in 2011 and we became Sonoma Coast Divers.

We are happy to continue to bring you the highest level of customer service, product selection and knowledge, and we will always do so with a smile. We love talking with our customers about equipment, dive sites, current conditions, places to go, you name it!

It's our pleasure to be serving you no matter what the topic of conversation. Diving is our passion, and we do everything we can to share that with every person who walks through our door!

Lisa Chapman

Bryan Donaldson

Karen Donaldson

Rick Alexander

Paddy Belton

Jamie Black

Jessica Boyd

Becky Cuppoletti

Doug Cameron

Crystal Colville

Chris Cuppoletti

Steve Foreman

Bryan Guntle

Steve Johnson

Quinn Jones

Evan Lantzman

David Lucas

Pat Pacheco

Robert Picard

Drew Rapoport

Roni Warner