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This globally-recognized certification program is the best way to begin your life-long adventure as a certified scuba diver. Personalized training is combined with in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the skills and experience required to become truly comfortable underwater. You will earn the SSI Open Water Diver certification.

Cost: $ 295.00
React Right is SSI's emergency training program, consisting of the following basic components: Primary Assessment, First Aid & CPR Skills, Primary Stabilization Techniques, and includes two optional components: Oxygen Administration in Diving Emergencies and Automated External Defibrillation Basics.

Cost: $ 245.00
Join Sonoma Coast Divers for a one-day class on the skills required to safely and successfully shoot a speargun under water. This is a one day beginner program that is conducted on the Mendocino Coast, at Van Damme State Park.

Cost: $ 140.00
Learn what's involved with diving at altitude. Why are the dive tables and computer settings different? And why do we do less diving at altitude than at sea level? It's a fun way to experience a different marine environment because most of these classes are taught at Lake Tahoe (only during the summer of course, we're not teaching Ice Diving here!) Experience the wonder of diving in freshwater and get a specialty course done at the same time! There are no materials for this class as everything is taught in one classroom session here at the store before heading up to the lake for the weekend.

Cost: $ 175.00
Nothing like feeling lost underwater and wasting air to come up and look around! Come learn more about navigation both by compass and using natural navigation. We will have some shore classroom teaching followed by diving and navigating. You will even get the opportunity to lead dives! Knowing how to get around under water helps with your comfort level as well as your bottom time. What happens when your diving and hit a pinnacle you need to go around then need to get back on course? Come find out!

Cost: $ 185.00
Excellent specialty to have! Aside from our coast sometimes having limited viz during the day, night diving is just AMAZING! Many critters come out or bloom at night! We will have some beach side classroom style teaching followed by a night dive. You will walk away feeling way more comfortable with diving at night or limited viz. There is nothing like diving at night!

Cost: $ 185.00
Join us for 9 days/8 nights at the beautiful Scuba Club Cozumel! If you are signing up, and wanting a room by yourself please add "single supplement" (there is an increased cost) If you are signing up a non-diver, please add "non-diver" AND "Cozumel2022" as a coupon code.

Cost: $ 2,750.00
Come out and dive with Sonoma Coast Divers' experienced Dive Masters as we explore the California North Coast. We dive the places you want to see! Meet more dive buddies, gain experience for that upcoming trip, get out of the house for the day, dive a new site or your old favorite, see what California diving is all about- whatever your reason, our goal is for you to get in the water, be safe, and have fun!

Cost: $ 35.00