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Drew Rapoport

SSI Advanced Instructor, PFI Instructor, DAN Instructor

Drew has been with Sonoma Coast Divers since close to the beginning. He started working in the store in 1998, not long after Tom opened the doors. It didn't take long for him to become an Open Water Scuba Instructor and then move onto the full instructor rotation.

Drew has added many instructor certifications over the years. He now teaches Performance Freediving, Advanced Open Water Scuba Courses, and a selection of Divers Alert Network (DAN) Safety Courses, Medic First Aid, and Red Cross Courses. He is always doing something around the shop, be it teaching, touting free-diving and abalone classes, or just sharing his enthusiasm for the ocean and the sport. The thing he loves most about teaching scuba is meeting a wide variety of new people and introducing them to his love of the ocean.

Drew joined the Navy in 1984 and became a Navy Diver in 1989. He was stationed around the world in Navy and was eventually discharged in 1996.

When asked what his favorite thing about diving is, his response is, "Free food!" He is an avid freediver and spends as much time at the coast as he can. What he loves about freediving is that it becomes all about you exploring your own limits--mental and physical--and much less about equipment. In his words, "It's an evangelical experience."

When he is not at the coast, you may find him hiking around the hills of Sonoma and Marin with his faithful canine companion, Ferrous Oxide, sailing on the San Francisco Bay, or camping in the mountains.